Safe and Welcoming City Centre

Working together to provide a safe and welcoming city centre

Making Aberdeen a destination for work, rest and play is an important part of the strategy for future growth.

The Safe and Secure theme is helping to make that vision a reality by ensuring those visiting the BID, and those who live and work in the area, can do so with peace of mind.

A key objective of Aberdeen Inspired is to make the city centre a warm, welcoming and safe environment for visitors day and night.

Initiatives to discourage anti-social behaviour are being run in tandem with general improvements to security, including an emphasis on improving lighting, and schemes designed to combat theft. Participation in national safer city projects is also part of Aberdeen Inspired’s commitment to providing a safe and secure experience.

Project updates...

Purple Flag

Aberdeen city centre has been hailed as a shining example to the rest of the country after securing the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for the fourth year in a row.

Led by business organisation Aberdeen Inspired, with support from Aberdeen City Council, Police Scotland, Unight, Street Pastors and other key stakeholders, Aberdeen has achieved the coveted standard in recognition of its commitment to promoting a safe and secure night time economy.

Aberdeen became the first city in Scotland to be awarded the accreditation in 2014 and has now been re-accredited for the fourth time, receiving praise for its strong partnership working alongside its lively mix of evening entertainment.

Street pastors

Aberdeen Inspired provide ongoing support to the Aberdeen Street Pastors, who have become a familiar sight during their night-time patrols as they lend support, advice and comfort to members of the public.

Aberdeen Inspired donated £12,000 to help the Pastors purchase their Safe Space truck – an impressive vehicle deployed in the city centre at weekends from 11pm to 4am to offer a haven for those suffering the effects of alcohol.

The investment in the group’s work on the city’s streets at weekends, with high profile patrols and the deployment of the Safe Space truck, gained positive media coverage and contributes greatly to Aberdeen’s image as a safe and enjoyable destination for a night out.

After Aberdeen Street Pastors mentioned they would be using the Aberdeen Inspired investment to help cover the costs of driver training for the Safe Space truck, city centre charity Aberdeen Foyer made contact to highlight their ability to provide those training services – an example of a levy payer tapping in to the BID network for inspiring leads.

More information about the valuable contribution that these volunteers have made can be found on their website: Aberdeen Street Pastors

City centre lighting

Aberdeen Inspired has pledged to provide up to £8,000 to upgrade lighting on a popular city centre street to help ensure safety.

Windmill Brae, a hub street for city centre nightlife, is the area which has been singled out for improvement. Incidents on the street have raised concern in the past and lighting was flagged up as a problem which Aberdeen Inspired aims to improve.

Police Scotland appealed to city centre stakeholders to help improve on-street visibility and Aberdeen Inspired were more than happy to help.

Investigations found the existing lights, although deemed fit for purpose according to council regulations, would benefit from upgrading. By providing funding the businesses hope to assist the police while also making Windmill Brae a more welcoming area for visitors.

Close coordination between the night-time businesses, Police Scotland and Aberdeen City Council demonstrates the invaluable role of Aberdeen Inspired at the centre of the community