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The vision of the BID is to make Aberdeen City Centre one of the most vibrant, attractive, prosperous and liveable city centres in Scotland. Our role is to stimulate the economy, improve on the existing attractiveness, and to market the city centre as a destination of choice.

Our vision is implemented through the five main themes below.

United Voice

Influencing positive change in the city centre

The future of Aberdeen city centre has been the focus of great debate in recent years and playing a key role in that conversation is a vital part of Aberdeen Inspired’s remit.

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Marketing & Promotions

Driving footfall to the city centre

The introduction of the Aberdeen Inspired brand is part of an integrated approach to the marketing and promotion of the BID, providing a focal point for a range of activity.

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Attractive city

Attractive City

Enhancing and maintaining the city centre

Aberdeen’s stunning granite architecture is behind the proud tradition of Scotland’s very own Silver City, providing a unique and enchanting streetscape.

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Safe & Secure

Working together to provide a safe and secure city centre

Making Aberdeen a destination for work, rest and play is an important part of the strategy for future growth.

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There’s a buzz in the air and the city is a hive of activity


A leading city centre business organisation aims to increase biodiversity in the city centre through Urban Bees.

As part of Aberdeen Inspired’s ongoing civic pride campaign and to highlight the importance of pollinators to environmental health of businesses, Italian Buckfast strains of honeybee have been introduced to the city centre.

The Urban Bees project hopes to encourage businesses to engage in environmental issues, to improve understanding and to inspire positive action.

The project will also contribute to Aberdeen Inspired’s 2018 Keep Scotland Beautiful entry, in previous years the organisation has been awarded Silver Gilt as well as being crowned the winner of the BID category in 2016.

Adrian Watson, chief executive officer of Aberdeen Inspired said: “Aberdeen Inspired’s commitment to civic pride in the city centre continues to grow in dynamic ways as we react to environmental changes. Introducing urban bees and beehives to the heart of the city will allow our local businesses and volunteers to engage with biodiversity and work effectively towards improving the spaces we live and work in.

As Aberdeen Inspired strives towards driving the city forward, we endeavour to continue to introduce innovative and significant projects that will see our city centre become one of the most inclusive urban areas in the country. “

Aberdeen City Council contributed to the initiative financially through their Community Food Growing Fund.

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