About Aberdeen Inspired...

Message from the Chair

 As Aberdeen Inspired enters a new and exciting chapter in its history after its recent re-ballot success, I’m thrilled to have been appointed chairman of an organisation that I’m proud to be a part of.

I’ve been involved with the organisation from the outset and through this time, and through my own business interests in the city centre, I’ve seen the positive change that it has brought about to the benefit of the BID members and to those that visit, work and live within the area. With a projected minimum of £6.5million earmarked for investment in the city centre by the organisation in the next five years, this is only set to grow and I’m eager to continue playing a role in fostering positive change in the city.

I’ve lived and worked within Aberdeen all my life and hold a strong desire to shine a spotlight on the positive aspects of our city along with coming together to build on the positive foundations that are already in place

Allan Henderson



The BID Area

The BID for Aberdeen covers the heart of the city centre and contains the main retail, office and leisure areas.

AI-Bid-AreaThe BID area was defined as a result of detailed consultation with representatives of each of the key business sectors to gain an understanding of the extent and strength of support for inclusion within the area.

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The BID Levy

Aberdeen Inspired Business Improvement District is led and funded by the city centre business community. Its aims are wide ranging, designed to reinvigorate the city centre for the benefit of all who work, live, shop and visit.

Businesses are working together to invest collectively in their environment, delivering initiatives and improvements over and above those delivered by Aberdeen City Council.

The aim is not to act as a substitute for central or local government, but to invest in additional projects to deliver on the objectives set out in the business plan.

While participation is mandatory for businesses within the BID area, others from outside the defined area with an interest in promoting the city and having a voice in Aberdeen Inspired are able to engage and make a contribution.


The BID Period

Aberdeen Inspired is now operating in a second 5 year period to 2021 following the successful ballot of businesses in 2016.

During the eighth year of operation of the BID, the Board may choose to seek renewal of the BID. At this point businesses will be able to evaluate the impact of the BID and vote in a further ballot which would see Aberdeen Inspired operate for a further 5 year period.

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The BID Business Plan

As we navigate through the next chapter in the story of Aberdeen Inspired, the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past five years is as welcome as the chance to look forward to what the future may hold.

Our 2016-21 Business Plan documents the first five years of the city’s Business Improvement District and, most importantly outlines our vision for the next term and the £6.5million of investment that could bring.

Aberdeen Inspired was born with the remit of representing the interests of its levy payers and we have made it our mission to listen to those businesses – to find solutions and identify opportunities.

Now more than ever, as the north-east economy is tested by the downturn in the oil and gas sector, we need to be focused on ensuring a vibrant and prosperous future. If successful in gaining a second term, we will work tirelessly to drive footfall to the BID and increase dwell time.

The BID provides a unique opportunity for city centre businesses to work together for the common good and a brighter future. It is one I hope our levy payers will grasp when the ballot opens.

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