Aberdeen’s Nuart murals in global list of top 15 street art works

Two Aberdeen murals have featured in a global list of the top 15 street art pieces of 2017.

Brooklyn Street Art (BSA), a website following street art in New York and across the world, has included two pieces created during Aberdeen’s award-winning NuArt festival earlier this year.

The list is based on analytics from their own social sites, based on likes, shares and comments.

Both Aberdeen pieces, which feature in a list alongside pieces from New York, Mexico City, Barcelona and Berlin, were created in April at the inaugural festival.

The event saw a team of international, national and local artists develop their street art works on walls around the city.

An artwork by Julien de Casabianca, of the Outings Project, has featured fifth on the global list.

The BSA website said: “Created during Nuart Aberdeen by Julien de Casabianca of the Outings Project, this reproduction of a painting was perfectly placed in a part of the city once known for the selling of people as slaves.

“An uncomfortable bit of beauty maximises the possibilities with perfect placement.”

A piece by Portugese visual artist and illustrator Add Fuel placed at number 14 on the list.

The artist reinterprets traditional tile designs, creating a unique optical illusion effect. He often researches traditional patterns from the region in which he is working when creating his street art pieces.

The BSA added: “His mural of traditional Scottish tile patterning in Nuart Aberdeen captivated many readers.”

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, the organisation which runs the event, said the global influence of Nuart “can’t be understated”.

He added: “There is some real objective evidence to underline the importance of this festival and the impact it has had.

“The festival has brought us international acclaim and awards and we should all get behind it.

“There’s opportunities here because it’s getting global exposure.

“It’s about working to bring more people across the world here and is for us and partners to examine the opportunities.”

It was revealed earlier this month Aberdeen City Council will provide £100,000 for the next three years to secure the future of the event. Next year’s festival will run from Thursday, April 12, to Sunday, April 15.